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Welcome to Voice of Literacy!

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The Voice of Literacy features interviews with preeminent literacy researchers. These interviews focus on the practical implications of research. Voice of Literacy Research host, Dr. Betsy Baker, asks researchers to explain how their research can be applied to reading and writing instruction. The purpose of Voice of Literacy Research is to increase access to and application of literacy research by using interviews and online discussion forums. Come join us!

  • Teachers, parents, principals, and policymakers are invited to download the interviews archived here and join in the discussion at interviews here and discussion forums at interviews here and discussion forums at VoiceLR
  • Professors are encouraged to listen to the interviews during class or assign them for homework. Professors are welcome to engage students in face-to-face discussion, online discussions for their course (e.g., Blackboard), or let students participate in the online discussions available at VoiceLR
  • Pre-service teachers are welcome to use the interviews here and discussion forums at VoiceLR to understand the significance of research and how it applies to actual classrooms.
  • Teachers are encouraged to use the interviews here and discussion forums at VoiceLR for personal growth as well as part of a professional development program or master\'s degree. Add your thoughts about how research informs your practice. You can share specific interviews with parents and principals.
  • Doctroral students will find interviews here and discussion forums at VoiceLR useful for exploring the implications of research studies.
  • Journalists and policymakers are invited to use the interviews to gain research-based information for understanding and reporting current literacy research.

To find out what you need on your computer to listen to Voice of Literacy Interactive Webcasts check out our Support For Listeners.

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